Aigaion Distillery


Bottling over
product bottles per year

Bottling over
liqueur tons per year

Producing over
different liqueur flavors

Historical Background


The company B KAMPYLAFKAS S.A. was founded on the island of Rhodes by BASILEIOS KAMPYLAFKAS

His expertise, as well as his personal passion for creation and further development have established the company as one of the most promising companies in the food and beverage industry.


Private Limited Company

In 1978 the company took its current legal form (Private Limited) and still has the largest share in the South Aegean spirits market, always remaining a family business.


Processing unit

In 2000 the company inaugurated a fruit processing unit, in order to produce mixtures and syrups from fresh fruit that could be used in the HO.RE.CA. sector.


Olive oil standardization

In 2010, the company invested in an olive oil standardization unit, meeting local demand and filling in a gap in the local market.


New building

In 2015 the company began moving to new, privately owned company premises.

The new facilities are a state-of-the art unit, that complies with the highest quality and safety standards, and produces excellent products. The premises surfaces are over 1,700 sq.m. and the surrounding area is a verdant expanse with plants and local herbs.


Today, the company is divided into 4 processing sectors::

Spirits production
(Ouzo, Liqueur, Souma-Tsipouro, Soumamelo, Vermouth, Dry spirits)
(Tradename: Aigaion Distillery)

Olive oil standardization unit – Approved standardizer
South Aegean Protected Indication of Origin

Syrups for slushies and cocktails

Standardization of wine & viticulture products