liqueur LIQUEUR


A wonderful combination of ouzo and coffee distillate with a cool and intense flavor. It was first created in 2000 in Rhodes and is now one of the company’s strongest exportable products.

In 2022, the trademark “Coffee Anise Aigaion” was assigned by the European Union Intellectual Property Office
It is offered in a variety of packaging. Its sales reach 18 tons per year.
21% ABV


With honey and flowers at its base, this drink is exotic and sweet. It was first produced 15 years ago.
Our suggestion: enjoy it at room temperature, straight, paired with fruit.
21% ABV


Lemons and lime zest oil give this famous creamy liqueur its sour, tangy flavor. It is considered a digestive drink and is usually offered after meals.
Our suggestion: add a couple of drops in crème patisserie for a divine lemon-pie.
21% ABV


Mastic liqueur made of 100% mastic oil. The extract from this unique resin that comes out of the mastic trees is considered pharmaceutical, with great benefits for our body. Its taste is slightly sweet with a distinctive mastic fragrance.
Our suggestion: served with ice and sparkling water or plain, with a bite of dark chocolate on the side.
21% ABV


The most iconic traditional drink of Rhodes: a popular souvenir to take home, partly thanks to its impressive packaging.
It is produced in small quantities, because of the great labor it takes to create the unique handmade effect in its bottle.
It owes its distinctive flavor to coriander and it is pleasantly creamy.
Our suggestion: served thinned, with ice, or in cocktails.
30% ABV


All around Greece it is common to slightly heat Souma (or tsikoudia, or tsipouro) adding some honey and a pinch of cinnamon. A small glass, heated up, is considered a medicinal and soothing tonic in many places around the Greek countryside. Our Soumamelo liqueur is ready to be heated as we have added honey and cinnamon.
Our suggestion: slightly heat 100ml of Soumamelo and consume warm.
21% ABV


Liqueur with 4 different types of caramel. Flavors of butter, salt and baked sugar. Melody AIGAION liqueur is ideal for those with a sweet tooth.
Our suggestion: with a chunk of ice, or added to your coffee for extra strong flavor.
21% ABV