ouzo tsipouro aigaion ouzo & tsipouro AIGAION



37,5 % ABV


Ouzo Aigaion has been in production since 1941 with the same tried recipe. It is light and sweet to taste and has always been the first choice of local Dodecanese people. Its unique trait is that it contains just a touch of anise and does not turn white when adding water or ice.



The company’s most popular ouzo! Balanced anise and fragrances in a blend that meets common demand. One of the most popular local products visitors choose to take home with them at the end of their holiday in Rhodes. It has been in production since 1990 and its unique making has been linked with local culture and tradition.


38 % alcoholic degrees – mild anise flavor


40% ABV


The stronger in alcohol and ethanol ouzo produced by Aigaion Distillery. With the Birth of Venus as its distinctive label, this variety has a strong fragrance of a mixture of anise seeds such as star anise seeds and badiane.

40% ABV – distinctive anise flavor




The product of grape distillation has many names according to current legislation.
In Rhodes, we call it “Souma”. It has a unique aroma of sweet wood and it is naturally strong in alcoholic degrees. It is inextricably linked to Greek tradition and it is one of the many products of the local vineyard.